Hospital Case Study - Energy Savings



A large hospital in Buffalo, NY, saved $946,141.00 in energy by implementing an aggressive coil cleaning program in their HVAC systems and upgrading the filtration using high technology filters from Clark Air Systems, Inc.

Budgeted* annual electricity cost:

Actual annual electricity cost:

Electrical energy savings:



Savings are attributed to slower variable HVAC fan motors due to lower pressure drop on coil surfaces and filters.

Budgeted* annual gas & oil cost:

Actual annual gas & oil cost:

Gas & Oil energy savings:




Savings are attributed to lower boiler/chiller loading due to better heat transfer efficiency on clean coil surfaces.

                                   * Budgeted numbers were based on previous years’ actual usage.


  • Three year evaluation of filter products concluded with the selection of high technology filtration from Clark Air Systems, Inc.
    • The keys to the selection of Clark Air Systems over the previous commodity filters:
    • The energy performance of the filters – by operating at a much lower pressure drop, significant electrical energy savings can be realized.
    • Longevity and life-cycle cost of the filters – high dirt capacity, microbial resistance, durability, and lower pressure drop allow the hospital to prolong the operational life of the installed filters.
    • Non-shedding, non-fiberglass final filtration, elimination of cardboard in all prefiltration.
    • Service, professionalism and expertise of the Clark Air Systems representative.
  • As the filter upgrade was implemented, a complete unit-by-unit cleaning was conducted on all HVAC internal surfaces including a thorough cleaning of all heat transfer surfaces.
  • Energy expenditures are taken directly from the Plant Operations Spectrum spreadsheets. 

HVAC renovation with UV light system and Flex Seal coating

Location: Major Medical Center -Upstate NY

Units: Two circa 1970 HVAC systems

Fallen to desrepair over forty years of service, Clark Air Systems was asked to strip the old moldy ,broken insulation, install new insulation, physically clean the coils and apply an ultraviolet coil sanitizer.

UV system: all lamp ballasts are outside the airtream tucked away in a NEMA 4 ballast box for easy service and safety.