Clark Air Systems has solved air quality problems for hundreds of companies. Whatever your goal we strive to achieve it while considering the overall cost of ownership. We will work with you to make your goal a reality. Improve working conditions, meet regulatory standards, reduce capital expenditures, and lower operating costs.

Weld Smoke

For removal of Weld Smoke we recommend our Smoke Hound units. There is an option for every job size!

Odor Control

Check out The Air Oasis™ for:

• Suppressing bacteria growth (bacteriostatic)
• Suppressing mold growth (mycostatic)
• Suppressing viruses
• Suppressing VOC's
• Reducing odors
• Reducing small particles (for larger particles, such as pet hair, a filter is recommended)

Fume Extraction

Use Clark Air Systems Air Revolver industrial air cleaners for smoke and fume extraction!

Wood Dust

The Dust Collector Workhorse: Designed for reliable performance and easy maintenance, AT cartridge collectors are providing cost-effective dust and fume collection across the industry spectrum. The AT series includes a full range of units, from collecting dust at single workstations to effectively controlling contaminants from ultra-large industrial operations. With a commitment to excellence at every level, from detailed design to quality manufacture, the Amtech AT series of dust collectors offers industry an outstanding performer in achieving and surpassing indoor air quality standards. 

Fiberglass Composite Dusts

No matter what type of dust you need removed, Clark Air has a Dust Collector that will work for you!!!

Plasma Cutting Smoke

For removal of plasma cutting smoke look to Clark Air Systems source capture welding fume extractors!!