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Our Gas Turbine Filters

Appropriate products include Medium and High Efficiency PocketMVMX and MINI Pleat filters as well as TFP cartridges

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Lowest Pressure Drop: .42" pressure drop at 600 cfm translates into significant increase in engine performance over competitive filters with .55-.60" pressure drop.

Longest Filter Life: Depth loading media increases filter life by 2-4 times over the competition, which often face load, meaning the particles stick to the front surface and plug quicker.

Highest Efficiency: We offer the highest efficiency filters available for gas turbine intakes. That means fewer particles reach the turbine blades reducing your maintenance costs. Our 93% initial efficiency far surpass the competition.

Moisture Resistant: Synthetic non woven, depth loading media is hydro- phobic, meaning it resists moisture. Moisture causes the competitions filter media to swell which further increases the pressure drop, reducing output performance.

Overall Cost Effectiveness: Although the initial cost is higher, the pay back on these filters is significant due to all of the above factors. Longer life, Lower pressure drop, higher efficiency add up to overall cost savings.