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Advantages of the Filter Construction

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  1. Constructed of 100% Synthetic Fibers that are unaffected by moisture and humidity and will not break down in the airstream as does fiberglass and Option fibers. 
  2. Three times the efficiency and service life of fiberglass or poly disposable panel filters, and double the life of pleated panel fillers. TRI-DEK employs three principles of filtration in harmony to achieve high efficiency and dust holding capacity; Impingement, Interception, and straining. 
  3. 30% more filter area by utilizing 100% of the filter face area eliminates hazardous bottle cap wrap retainers. 
  4. Eliminates dirty-air bypass through integral gasketing selvedge edge, unlike paper framed filters. Friction fit eliminates the need for additional holding clips. 
  5. A non-toxic, non allergenic, non-migrating, tackifier is encapsulated between the last two layers of fiber assuring positive fiber cake build up. Does not support or feed bacteria and fungi growth, as does paper framed filters. 
  6. Unitized internal wire frame eliminates filter collapse and break-down. Heat sealed laminated construction eliminates fiber break-off, unloading, and possible contamination carry over.

The Aegis Antimicrobial System is durable. This long lasting antimicrobial system becomes an integral part of the air filler, resulting in no off-gassing or volatilization,

The Aegis Antimicrobial System inhibits growth of microorganisms on the surface of the filter as well as in its dirt cake, thereby removing microbial contamination from recirculated air.

The Aegis Antimicrobial System checks mold and mildew odors soiling and staining.

The Aegis Antimicrobial System is a powerful tool in dealing with key microbiological elements in the battle for improved indoor air quality. ( IAQ I.

The Aegis Antimicrobial System is safe. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA and FEPCA, as amended EPA #34292-1, and listed.