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Smoke Hound Industrial Down Draft Work Bench Air Cleaner


Designed for easy, lightweight, portability, and powerful suction to remove dust and fiber contaminants from welding, cutting, grinding, or removal operations. Highest efficiency removal down to 99.97% at 0.3 micron size particles.

Filter Media:

Clark Air Systems utilizes the longest life, lowest maintenance filters available.


1st Stage:

Multi-ply, depth loading, pre-filters with tackified media. These 45% efficient filters catch the bulk of the particles generated from cutting, grinding, or removal operations.


2nd Stage:

90-95% ASHRAE efficiency pleated media catches fine dust particles, rated at 95% removal of particles 1 micron or larger.


Optional 2nd Stage:

99.97% DOP certified HEPA filter with gasket seal to meet strictest codes. 99.97% removal of 0.3 micron particles.



Filters will need to be replaced periodically. Only a few minutes are required to replace any filter. The frequency depends on conditions. The magnehelic filter gauge is to monitor filter resistance.  



The units are constructed with 16 gauge welded steel. Hinged, gasketed door allows easy access to all stages of filtration. The entire unit is finished with a corrosion resistant backed-on powder coating. The welded steel handles are also powder coated. The unit is portable with industrial grade locking casters.