Oil Mist Collectors

Clark Air oil mist collector

Liquid to gas separation technology was invented over 100 years ago. Over the past decade, the 3nine separation technology has been awarded with over 100 patents making us worldwide leader with over 40% of all the patents globally.   


Separation instead of collection


3nine Separation Technology

While competing technologies collect particles in a filter media (I.e. electrostatic filtration, mechanical filtration, rotating filtration), the 3nine separation technology is based instead on separating fluid particles with a disc stack, allowing reuse of cutting fluids and lowering maintenance to a minimum. The GREEN LINE Series of units can separate 100% of all particles down to 1µm and 82% of particles as small as 0.75µm. 

The HEPA filter (H13)


3nine separation technology

(The diagram is based on the assumption of 150mg fed in and a log-normal distribution of DV50, S0.6. This would be a fairly difficult application)

In order to capture the finer particles 

Clark Air Systems OM Series Oil Mist Collectors

The OM series oil mist air cleaners are unique for oil mist collection systems. The mechanical cyclone filter is ten times more efficient than baffle or metal mesh filters, eliminating the nuisance of frequent secondary filter changes. Low maintenance means less down time. The cyclone filter is aerodynamically engineered to spin the air in its circular baffles. The resulting, centrifugal acceleration provides an efficiency and capacity on liquid particulate not seen in the oil mist collection industry. Final stage filters are used for fine smoke and aerosol. A high capacity 95% ASHRAE filter is standard. HEPA options are available. Learn More

Blue Line Units

The BLUE LINE is our classic series of oil mist separators. They produce airflows from 300 CFM (500 m³/h) to 1800 CFM (2500 m³/h). With over 7000 units installed over four continents, they are quite proven. Learn More

OM-1200V oil mist collector

The OIL MIST SERIES oil mist air cleaners have been proven superior in reliability and efficiency over other air cleaning systems such as: multi-stage oil mist filter systems, centrifugal rotation oil mist separators, and electrostatic precipitators using oil mist separation technology that is a highly efficient mechanical air/liquid oil mist separation system, specifically designed to remove air pollutants in the form of oil aerosol, oil mist and oil steam. Learn More

OM-1600V oil mist air cleaner

The OM-1600V oil mist air cleaner provides superior reliability and efficiency Learn More

OM-2000H oil mist air cleaner

The OM-2000H oil mist air cleaner provides superior reliability and efficiency Learn More

OM-5000V oil mist air cleaner

The OM-5000V oil mist air cleaner provides superior reliability and efficiency Learn More