Automotive Paint Spray Booths

Clark Air Systems is proud to be a distributor for Global Finishing Solutions, the world's leading manufacturer of paint booths andfinishing systems for Industrial Coating and Finishing, Automotive Body Shops, Aerospace Finishing, and Truck and Large Equipment Finishing.

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Advanced spray booth technology and decades of experience as the premiere paint booth manufacturer make Global Finishing Solutions the foremost authority in spray booth finishing environments. Global Finishing Solutions enjoys strong relationships with paint manufacturers as well as exclusive body shop spray booth supplier status in all major car manufacturers’ shop equipment programs. Global Finishing Solutions is a GSA approved supplier of aviation paint booths for the United States Government. 

Ultra Plus 1

Automotive Refinish Performance Downdraft Paint Booth The Ultra Plus 1 is the pinnacle of modern paint booth technology. Equipped with GFS' exclusive AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System, the Ultra Plus 1 reaches new levels of productivity, cost-savings, and profitability. Ready for the next generation of high-tech coatings, the Ultra Plus 1 performs with both waterborne and solvent-based coatings. Learn More

Ultra Spray Booth

Automotive Refinish Dual-Skin Downdraft Paint Booth The Ultra Downdraft Spray Booth has become the standard by which all other dual-skin booths are judged, and with good reason. With literally thousands of Ultra booths in daily operation all over the world, the GFS Ultra downdraft is our most popular paint booth. Learn More