Air Revolver Series - Industrial Air Cleaners

Clark Air Systems Air Revolver Industrial Air Cleaners

Air Revolver AR15000 industrial air cleaner  Air Revolver 8000 Industrial Air Cleaner

The Industry's First Automatically Adjusting Air Filtration System

Designed for:

• Heavy Industrial air cleaning
• Light Industrial air cleaning
• Schools with trade shops that require air cleaners
• Welding shop air cleaning
• Body shops air cleaning
• Wood dusts
• Large bays
• Dirty environments
• Textile shops




General Industrial Air Cleaning, whole plant filtration systems using the air rotation concept for welding smoke, fabrication shops, auto collision dust, woodworking dust, refinishing shops and more.

The first general air cleaning system with an energy payback!

10 times more effective than overhead industrial air cleaners!  

Combines Downdraft and Air Revolver technologies to remove airborne particulates to 1 micron. The intake and outlet are designed for the most efficient air flow pattern in the industry. The return scoops air at the floor, pulling particulate in a downdraft pattern. The supply air is projected across the room with higher velocity to flood the room with pure air. All models are standard with high efficiency particulate filters, and optional carbon filters and variable speed fans.  Model AR8000 and AR15000.


• Forcibly controls ambient dust and pollutants
• Multi-stage filtration—custom selected for any contaminant
• Does not deteriorate to lethargic flow levels with usage
• Powerful and uniform distribution of purified air
• Non-observable airflow to occupants for comfort
• De-stratify heat vertically, saving energy
• Filter life extended 5 times over conventional systems
• Patent pending



• Airflow: up to 30,000 CFM Capacity
• 8,000 – 30,000 CFM design range
• Small footprint
• Height options of 11’ or 14’ depending on plant
• Power: 3 phase 208-230/460 Volt

 • Multiple filter stages handle any contaminant situation
• 10 and 16 gage welded steel construction
• Industrial enamel finish — Clark Air Blue
• Easy two section installation
• Five-year warranty available

Air Revovler industrial air cleaner air flow pattern

• Improved air quality will improve productivity and performance
• Longer-life filter will reduce cost and lessen material disposal
• Significant energy savings by de-stratification of heat layers, homogenizing the air from floor to ceiling to within 5 degrees

Air Revolver industrial air cleaner in a weld shop

Air Revovler industrial air cleaner designed for any factory setting


AR8000 Industrial Air Cleaner

The AR8000 series industrial air cleaner features 8000 cfm air flow capacity, a 5 horsepower motor, and can adjust up to 10 feet in height. Learn More

AR15000 Industrial Air Cleaner

The AR15000 series industrial air cleaner features 15000 cfm air flow capacity, a 10 horsepower motor, and can adjust up to 13 feet in height. Learn More